pokemon collection

just a quick warning, before you see any other medias on this, youll probably have to scroll REALLY down on this one.. biggest collection of things i have, and i think some people can relate to that. some images might have unrelated stuff in them too.

starting off with my purple/pink shelf.. nothing THAT notable in it outside of the rement figures (espeon and umbreon from the wreath collection, and misdreavus from dreaming case #3) and the bewear halloween plush from 2017. its not that valuable, but its still a cutie!

..and the sylveon pokedoll might be a bootleg. oops.

outside of the digimon figure, this is probably one of my favorite shelves. i just like a lot of green pokemon..

some notable things in here is the gardevoir pokemon time strap, mega gardevoir plush, lilligant banpresto plush, lilligant and snivy petite minifigs.. its a lot!

although this roserade banpresto plush isnt on the shelf itself, im still showing him here. he was on my grail list for a short while until i decided to pay- and i dont regret it. one of my favorites, and i always love those banpresto ufocatcher plushies.

i dusted this off recently, okay? but speaking of ufocatcher plushies.. since i didnt have much space on the shelf for mespirit here (who is a banpresto ufoplushie of her own), shes down here for now until i get something better.

i think most of the stuff is notable here, but its a small shelf. theres the allstars froslass plush, the meowstic (male) trainersize plush, and the christmas alolan vulpix plush from 2017.. lost the bell. the tomy litwicks in the back, face not even visible.

probably my favorite shelf so far, since its yellow, and yellow is associated with electric.. well, not entirely. theres some orange in here and some things might be holding on barely.

the three joltiks are probably the oldest things i got.. i dont remember when i got them, but i had one of them since i was sorta young- but then i lost one, and my dad got me another. and then i found that joltik, so now i had two- but im not sureee when i got the third one.. but i love them all equally, even if they need a lintroller. you can probably tell i slept with those ones a lot.

the regieleki pokedoll, jangmo-o plush, cutiefly plush, banpresto galvantula might be the notable ones here. im not sure what made the scraggy plush, but it is there! and speaking of notable..

okay, maybe its not /that/ notable, but theres a pokemon time plush here.. and its mawile! mawiles sort of one of my favorites, and although the pokemon time plush for them is a little more common- its still a nice thing to have.

to me. theres also a worn out mimikyu plush; i also slept with them.. a lot.

if you cant tell, my shelves are sorted by color! and this is the one with the most.. common stuff? the thing thats a little more notable is the celesteela plush! shes one of the two ultra beast plushies i have, and i dont regret it.

i got a entire evolution line here! its just.. the deino line, i think thats notable even if its the small ones from banpresto.

i also got the guzzlord plush, which was also limited.. probably one of my favorite ultra beasts next to blacephalon and stakataka. favorite thing is how you can just put things in their mouth. its wonderful; although i didnt.. do that.

theres also the darkrai pokedoll (which thankfully, thanks to a friend, is legit) and although i dont mention the figures often here.. the giratina preorder figure for pokemon platinum and the darkrai "tradiing figure" figure. thats self explanatory, but i cant tell if like.. there was actually a darkrai one or if its faked. oh well, speaking of fakes, theres a fake umbreon pokedoll here.

last pokemon shelf (for now anyway) is the red one! theres less pokemon stuff here, i think.. which is just two.

notable things is the volcarona all-stars plush, red oricoro pokedoll (which i didnt even know was rare until a friend told me she was), and the tapu lele in the back! wish other plushies of the tapus were made..

onto the smaller things, the deoxys pokedoll and the flygon starrium figure! rement seems to really like flygon, huh.. three figures of flygon.. how plentiful..

speaking of the deoxys pokedoll, its just. pretty wonky. i also got her for very cheap thankfully, and maybe thats because they were like that..? its not pictured, but the right arms and neck on the right is off. or maybe its just a really well made bootleg. respect towards that.

wish i had more fanmade pokemon pins, but here is my pinboard.. not in the best collection, and a light is shining over the darkrai pin made by PARADOXFOXART is half covered.. i still recommend checking out their stuff anyway, because theyre my favorite fanmade pins i have ever seen so far.

the two rubber charms is the joltik halloween one from 2015 and the 2013 rotom fan rubber charm (apart of a set!).. i need to get more pokerubbercharms. im growing fond of them..

patapon collection

okay, maybe its not an entire collection, and i dont have anything THAT rare.. but still counts, right? right?????

the three things here though i can VERY much talk about. the patapon 3 guidebook (exclusive to japan, so its all in japanese), the patapon 2 gamebox.. and the unofficial patapon princess plush i commissioned for (from budsies!).. isnt she beautiful? she costed 200+ dollars. i always have to mention that. shes truly royalty, and i love her, and il pay again.

the patapon 3 guidebook is a, erm, story. i tried to buy it on amazon (probably the only time il ever use that site) but ended up getting scammed. it never came. and then i used buyee, and guess what, it costed MUCH less. the guidebook aside from shipping costed much, MUCH less. it was under 10 fucking dollars. always look everywhere else, and im still waiting for that patapon cd.

also, no, i dont have the second patapon game disc. or a psp. sorry.

happy tree collection

with me fixating on htf for about two or so years (until ending with patapon), i actually ended up collecting a BIG chunk of htf stuff since then. some of these are exclusive to japan or from other sources.. such as being a bootleg.

these are my most packed images, and the ones i show the most because.. well, its plenty. i still need to dust these off soon but the most proud of what i got. most of the items in here (the fingerpuppets, small towel, small plushies, small magazine, pins and keychains) are straight from japan but the ones that are very noticable are the ones froom america.. such as the dvds and figures. it isnt shown, but nutty has lost an ear. theres also a (probably not official?) nutty pin in there!

the plushies of shifty, the mole, and lumpy are bootlegs. i have a nutty plushie ontop of the shelf but il figure i might say it there and here, although the one seen within the shelves is, infact, real. even if its a little goofy.

these small things come with some dvds, and although i never got the fourth one (i was scammed out of the disc, and never got the paper with it) theyre cool to have and have some merch promos on the back. a little ruined from how i just pinned them up there, though.

a lot of people shared around the stationary set (exclusive to japan, maybe) and i think the saddest thing is that it was like.. found for 200+ dollars. now knowing i couldve gotten it for much cheaper. wasnt even specially made.

il get a picture of the stuff inside, but yes, i have all the things in there. its actually a pretty neat box design personally even if i barely use anything in it nowadays.

this vinyl minifigureworld nutty figure i got for christmas! its in the second series, and i dont have any others.. but i think i got lucky enough to get the one i really wanted instead of another figure i DONT want.. id like to get more though, anyway.

the worst things i have.

..thats like, half of a joke, but also me being serious. some of these are just weird in that bad way, even if all of them together cost a lot. i have a total of fucking nine of them. and maybe il list them all off someday.. who knows! ONE person might want that!

and the actual reason i got some is, well, its for sniffles. theres barely any content of him and even in the doujin space there still BARELY is. its mainly just flaky and his two dumbfuck boyfriends or something. a good half of them are anthropologies though and i got lucky enough to snatch a nutty htf one- which, im surprised exists!

..and sniffles is barely in any of them. ow.