wouuaaahh you found the (sort of) secret page! this just consists of random shipnames i made up (or have found) for some medias i personally enjoy. some pairings here i might not even enjoy, but theyre still here anyway. :]

anyone is free to use these shipnames without credit. it doesnt really matter much anyway.

patapon shipnames

cagedbutterflyshipping OR medarma (priestess meden x queen kharma)

deepertiesshipping OR centuryoldshipping OR slogbuzz (slowmoving slogturtle x gluttonous buzzcrave)

goliathbirdeating OR comebackshipping (rottenlee ravenous x gluttonous buzzcrave)

impostorshipping (gold hoshipon x black hoshipon)

ladybirdshipping (beetleton x gong the hawkeye)

snakecoatshipping (guardira x miss covet hiss)

tragedyshipping (makoton x aiton)

uberheroshipping (catch-all for ships with uberheroes)

worldeggshipping OR heroprincess (hero x patapon princess)

flanshipping OR herohuk (hero x hukmen)

watersnakeshipping OR naughtyhiss OR cottonmouthshipping (miss covet hiss x naughtyfins)

spiderbeetle OR enemyterritoryshipping (spiderton x beetleton)

spiderkuwa OR kuwakumo OR beetlekumo (kuwagattan x kumotan, any variants)

happy tree friends shipnames

flippyshipping (catch-all for any flippy ships)

medicationshipping (sniffles x flippy)

smarties OR smartiesshipping OR gummywormshipping (sniffles x nutty)

redvelvetantshipping (sniffles x flaky)

suitcaseshipping (lumpy x the mole)

gravediggingshipping (lumpy x handy)

oakflakesoilshipping (petunia x handy)

red petunias OR redpetuniashipping (giggles x petunia)

confetti OR confettishipping OR sprinkleshipping (flaky x nutty)

gummy eye (flippy x nutty)

trick or treat (lifty x nutty)