august collection updates / 9/1/2023

ive actually forgotten to do this until the month had ended, but this month has been.. pretty decent, actually! the most surprising thing is that i got two rare items back to back.

the first one is the patapon 2 static clings! they were a complete surprise as someone i knew on reddit gave me the link to someone selling them.. who knows how long theyve been in storage. the best part is that three of each were sold! these are also, technically, the only merchandise sold with the karmens included in it- even the karmen generals! (although they only have nomen and hukmen.. nomen is literally on these twice for some odd reason)

the only negative i actually have is that theyre static clings; not stickers or magnets. you can stick them onto windows for a nice flair of decoration, but i always have my windows hidden by the drapes.. so theyre just kind of sitting somewhere, as im too nervous to put them on my computer out of fear they'd get lost.

the next one isnt of digimon, pokemon, or patapon- its of hero 108! its a cartoon network show that revolves around chinese mythology (and culture) in some ways or another. and this time, its a figure!

hero 108 technically has two figure lines- the kingdom krashers and the gamania figures. the kingdom krashers are more toylike while the gamania ones are a lot more detailed and well done. only roughly 4 of them were released seperately (mystique sonia, turtle, and lin chung), although these two (the zebra brothers) were included together.. because, yknow, brothers. or twins.

compared to kingdom krashers (again) is how rare the gamania figures seem to be.. and how their prices often are 70 bucks or more. i didnt have much interest in the series to get the other characters for that much of a price, but i ended up just.. being incredibly lucky to find the zebra brothers sold for 20+, MUCH cheaper than mystique sonia and lin chung. i couldnt even find the zebra brothers anywhere else on sale!

the strangest (and luckiest) thing is that i found them on a goodwill site, that buys/finds things left and offers them online. when i had found them, it was a complete surprise how they werent overpriced to hell and were probably inbox for years (probably a decade, but i forgot the dates

a sad thing though is that while i was unboxing them, the lanterns (connected by a somewhat transparent line) ended up breaking. the only way i could fix it is bring in super glue, but i dont wanna risk that right now. the string connected to the lanterns were more plastic and seemed breakable, so i had to put them back in the box out of worry. il probably fix them someday, but i really think its just a sudden miracle that i got these for cheap!

an interesting this is that these gamania figures were probably being produced before the show was aired, or at least in the concept stage. the zebra brothers only have one eye on each side whilst in the show they have.. both eyes, yknow? you can even see it in the small piece of paper. i dont know if its exclusive to the gamania figures or not, but i think its neat.

i dont have anything else to say; except how ratatans reached its goal! a million yen was raised, and now im even excited. i dont have much of another place to put this, but i did pay roughly 167 bucks for the FEVER artbook tier.. since collecting means you have to waste your money, yknow.

thats basically it for this month. toodaloo!