july collection updates / 8/1/2023

for the first time, this is gonna be my first "hey look at this stuff i got" blogpost! this is moreso to ramble about whatever, but i guess it could count as nice updates to my collection whilst showing off.

the first item i got is this palmon acrylic charm, which from tai's design on the cover is from the reboot of the adventure anime. i havent ever watched the reboot (YET), but the original series is a classic in most peoples standards. and i also like palmon!

its also very small compared to any of the other acrylic charms that i own, making it fitting to put on your keychain (which i just did) another fun fact is that i seem to cant find it on myfigurecollection.. guess its one of those stupid obscure things.

one of the next is one of the arcylic stands for the digimon tamers 20th anniversary (specifically of culumon). for one, we arent gonna talk about the stageplay for that anniversary. the merch itself however is adorable, and as a culumon fan i had to get it. it was pretty cheap, too!

the final ones that came were madoka magica related this time, and i got two for the price of one. these are ichiban kuji figures, a kind of lottery, and they were cheap for how nice they were. but at the same time the boxes were rather damaged- but i was planning on unboxing them, anyway.

i specifically bought them because of mami, but i do like homura- for whatever tragic arc she has going on. although anything with charlotte in it is an instant buy for me. there are obviously other ones for the other girls, and maaaybe someday il try to get them all..

well, i lied about the pmm figures being the last. on the 31th in july these were delivered and ive never been so excited to slap them onto my laptop! (although i didnt use them all.. sorry veemon!) you can call me in poor taste for getting adventure 02, okay? just wish shakkoumon and silphymon were there somewhere.

for obvious credit, these are from sinobali's store, an online store that only has digimon products. i have bought them from before, specifically a machinedramon mousepad, and their service is excellent alongside their products. this isnt a promotion, i honestly just enjoy the art and products.

thats roughly it for this month, and ive already planned to get two more items. enjoy!