holy grails (that i would like in my collection)

just a small page for myself for certain things that i would REALLY like in whatever collection i am making. its more of a wish list..

medicom toy patapon plush and ultra-detail figures

any patapon fan ive meet would obviously want these, and really, me too. theres barely enough patapon merchandise out there, only one official plush, and only a few official figures.. did i mention these arent even in production anymore, and are incredibly rare to find, and if not are barely listed on websites?

they were made somewhere in 2008 (stated on the website of their product listing), so i feel like its self explanatory to why its.. rare. a lot of patapon stuff is rare, a lot of which doesnt even have any sort of physical photos to go off of. oops.

i think its ironic that theyre both medicom products. i wonder why they werent brought back for the patapon remasters, but i guess they didnt have that trademark anymore..? hm.

limited pop-up patapon playstation store merchandise

this is a entire section on its own it feels, so heres just.. a list. theyre on the grail list because i want them really bad but due to the nature of pop-up shops they are probably insanely rare. unless i get lucky. heres where these items are listed, alongside the other link of them.

pata1 & pata2 acrylic boss stands

after like a minute of searching, these werent released due to the remasters but were probably just released since patapon is considered a "playstation classic" of the sort. from what ive seen, theres no physical images of these. a small detail is that there was a dodonga stand in the pop-up shop in 2021, however in 2022 the boss was removed.

pata1 & pata2 blind acrylic unit stands

the OTHER acrylic stands. they were only available during the pop-up shop in 2021 as well, and what makes it worse is that on the website they were labelled as "blind".. shame, because these are really cute and i want them really fucking bad.

pata1 & pata2 clearfiles

there is just so many pokemon clearfiles ive seen, but to clarify: theyre just folders to hold papers in. not as valuable as charms or acrylic stands seem to be.

limited blacephalon ultra beast pokemon center plush

i think a sort of brag for myself is that i have two of the limited ultra beast plushies (guzzlord and celesteela), but the moment i even tried to get them blacephalon was right out of stock.. still hurts me like being slammed against concrete.

in general, most of the ultra beast plushies that i dont have are on my "want" list due to them being my favorite weird sorts of mons.. blacephalon gets to be on my grail list however, for just being my favorite ultra beast next to guzzlord. i might pay 100+ for this guy, okay?

limited spiritomb pokedoll pokemon center plush

theres gonna be plenty of pokedolls here, due to some of them not being reproduced or just being.. limited. i hate it when things are limited. you have to pay 100+ or more bucks for limited things. this spiritomb could be 108 dollars exactly.

limited porygon2 pokedoll pokemon center plush

people made this guy cost over 1000+ dollars.. it doesnt feel worth it to obtain, and from i recall this is a rare RARE one. it gets to be on the list because porygon is one of my favorites, and this guy is dumbfuck rare.

digimon adventure tri: vol 3 gacha rubber charms (the four dark masters)

with tri coming out, these bad boys were released.. and compared to any other rubber charm, i could never find these instock. which is a shame, because they look cute!

digimon adventure 02 wormmon LIMITED megahouse plush

like most of the things megahouse makes, it looks high in quality.. and stupid expensive. this certain fella however is notable and on this list for the sole fact that he goes for roughly over 200 bucks whenever i find any listings of it. i guess limited means an excuse to scalp this guy to death, huh?

de blob 2 exclusive promo inky figures

like patapon, de blob has its own exclusive figures that are stupid hard to find. the most notable thing however is that they actually made figures for the antagonists- but maybe thats because the inkys are more in the marketing compared to the zigotons or karmens.

the figures themselves look shiny, but compared to the numberous different colored blobs you'll hardly ever find these sold online. and according to someone on reddit- they were sent out to europe. who knows, maybe theres some still in storage somewhere? covered in dust?