(about) important interests of mine

this is more a ramble of my own interests on this page, with the "important" ones down this page of text. but heres the list of all the ones i sorta like a lot more than i should. most of these are media related; and might change with time ^.^ just a reminder this page is fairly long and rambly, too.

happy tree friends

to be real, htf is very clearly a dated show but i guess that gives it its charm..? i only got into it from a ex (that i will not speak of again ever here) and it was stuck with me for fairly long and helped me discover myself. i do think the show can and is funny but also its dated but i dont think thats gonna hurt the experience of ever watching it, and i dont think anyone should feel bad for liking the show!

i stated on my small info page, but sniffles htf is pretty clearly my favorite. i think its because ive liked him the most that hes the character im attached too the most in general, with half of the htf fanart ive saved being of him.. its a bit of a shame, because a lot of people actually dont like how "weird" his design is, while im in the corner where i actually learned about anteaters more from being curious about sniffles. a lot of things that i like about this show, and its characters, in general is because of the shit i made up for it. to be real (again), a lot of people like this show because of the stuff they made up for it huh? but its not really a bad thing or anything, because the show of htf itself feel like ragdolls the writers just played with and didnt care about what their canon ages or status is.

i think thats why the fandom is sort of big. im not in it a lot nowadays due to my own bad experiences (most were probably just from my owndoing), but really, the characters just feel like blank slates. what else are you gonna do with the show, and its characters?


i actually got into this very recently, but now its sort of becoming the new media il be insane over for a few years. im actually fine with that, although theres a lot less to even talk about here compared to the last section.

the games themselves are actually really fun, although in some parts it purposely ramps up the difficulty (such as the despair stages in both the og and sequel), which just makes it PAINFUL. sometimes the best way to experience this game is by actually playing it and trying to unlock everything, as i did wanting to know more, however at some points the grind gets hard and i start hating it and i open up the ppsspp cheating menu. the patapon games is probably the funniest game ive played in the while, but thats not really SAYING much.. for someone like me, who rarely ever plays rhythm games. thing is, that id actually recommend this series to someone i know.

obviously though, this game has a lot more lore and actual characters to talk more about than "the parody of kids shows" here, and its actually a nice breath of fresh air for once. only thing is that sometimes character and lore stuff is mushed by translations, some phrases possibly not coming out as they shouldve in the english ports of the game.. but whatever. i think its still funny though how my favorite patapon characters are the ones that are only in one or two levels, or just never appear ever again. ..guess who im talking about!

arachnids, insects, whatever of the sort..

ive always liked bugs when i was young, even watching programs about them when i was younger.. nowadays everyone likes moths or any bug that looks "cute" enough for their standards (i actually cant think of much, but i suppose it gets people more used to bugs in general), however ive always been fond of the ones that normally a lot of people, even ones i know, arent huge fans of (usually for reasons that i get, or they just bothered a bug and got hit. or stung in this case) these so called pests.. you know, i always liked hornets.

ive always had a few bug pets, few of these being spiders, however due to them dying early i do not think im experienced enough to actually take care of a tarantula. R.I.P my beauties mole (curlyhair) and ormen (pinktoe).. il miss them. the ones i had for muuch long and better experience with is with hissing cockroaches. theyre usually used as pest food, however they are my gorgeous guys. naturally though, due to age or just coming in bad condition, some of them have also died. ive tried to name them all, but i get the names mixed.. thankfully, some are still kicking; even one of my girls had babies! most of which have died though due to my own stupidity (few have lived, though!)

sorry for mentioning too much death over here haha, like i said, im not the best experienced at them. i think its personally better to look at them far off from people who actually know they are doing. im sticking with cockroaches, especially the hissers. my mom is actually scared of them so maybe its a good thing that hissers dont molt with wings.. haha.