thoughts on fanmade patapon minecraft mods + other / 2/5/2023

with the last (and first) blogpost of mine being shared around by the toot a loots creator, i was VERY flattered by that.. so, i figured id make my next blog related to patapon as well! and it still isnt about pataroad. i have to play through all of that someday.

as someone who constantly plays modded versions of minecraft, such as the known forge or rarely fabric.. minecraft is obviously sort of dear to me. the moment i learned how to download mods into my version is when i just went insane; and it CAN be fun of course. i play pixelmon whenever im bored because i just like pokemon.

so, its very obvious what im gonna be talking about. patapon mods! or whatever else seems to be there for the time being. theres only few or so here, and one isnt even a mod (but is still impressive, i mind you).. the minecraft modding community is an interesting place, and some of these probably arent even working or are pretty darn old.

androidgeko patapon mod (version 1.2.4)

i wasnt joking that some of these are old. this was made somewhere on the 2th of april IN 2012, and the version number says it all.

the worst part is that you actually cant download this anymore.. i found it on a forum post, however the mediafire download link is pretty much removed. only screenshots exist of it now, unless SOMEONE happens to have it.

the mod has its own "pata ore", that you might be able to use for being able to tame these guys.. AND make tools for summoning them! guess youre the almighty here.

i wouldve actually wanted to play this, and check it out for myself.. but i guess thats lost media now, unless someone contacts the creator of it, but it would be fair if they didnt have it anymore. this was a decade ago or so.

this is also the first patapon mod, and it was made a year later after pata3 was released! i guess thats pretty impressive.. and i mention patapon 3 here, because im guessing the person who made this didnt know how to make their own models outside of the basic player model.

i think its a little obvious that a young person made this, however im not really gonna give slack for that. this person probably just wanted a minecraft mod of a game they liked (when that was all the rage) and made their own- but probably forgot to stop working on it. i relate to that, and i think its impressive how it was an actual mod for a while until im assuming the creator had lost interest, or as i said, stopped working on it. i dont really know.

the mod is only shown and i recall only discussed here on the minecraft forums. if anyone wants to check it out, here! its the source afterall.

even if its a little goofy looking back, it was the first patapon minecraft mod to be out.. and, well, second patapon thing related to minecraft that i could find coming out..

captknuckles patapon texture pack (version 1.8 / 1.7.3 beta)

this is actually older than the patapon mod before this- only being released on september 15th in 2011. JUST a few months away after patapon 3 was released, and there are some references to it i found in the file!

..also, i uh, couldnt get it working. which is why i talk about finding it in the files.

heres the link if anyone wants to try it out for themselves, however.

the title screen in the screenshots given is pretty cool. thats.. really all i can say, but theres clear effort put into this.

the swords, of course, are a nice touch on the title screens buttons.

the only con i could think of is that the pack looks.. mushy? a little too dark?? even the trees are a bit darker than usual even though they couldve used patatas plains trees.

the inventory + crafting gui looks.. ehh? i get they were trying to make a patapon for one of them, but they just end up looking off and might blend into the background when looking at the wrong place.

theres just.. a LOT of things that couldve happened with this game, and ended up feeling like missed potential at points. it feels a little bad to talk bad about it however.

a very nice touch however is that the gui inventory underneath (not gonna bother knowing what its called) are circle shaped. thats cute :]

we can look into the files however, and see a lot of things have been changed! im not really sure WHAT most of it is, but im guessing the patapon textures are armor.

theres also a locoroco guy! i have no idea what that'd be either, but its a nice reference to another game.

the chests are also straight from patapon 3. an obvious choice, but its cute.

theres also the cute sign here, although i wonder how someone is gonna.. read it? with this texture pack? wouldnt it blend in with the rest of the sign? i even checked the version and i dont think you can change the text color in the older versions. oops.

i think a lot of ideas in this texture pack are cute, but probably not thought through well enough.. the biggest worry is things blending in on each other.. its still great that something like this exists, however.

obviously though, its not the only one.

platmogus patapon datapack (1.18 / 1.19 versions)

the first thing you'll probably see when you search up, "patapon mod minecraft" or something of the sort. obviously, its not a mod, but a datapack. its essentally a small addition you can add to minecraft via the textures, and a lot more easier to learn how than downloading something like forge or fabric.

the special thing, though? it adds patapons!!! actual patapons!!!!!! and even if it isnt much the models are done GREAT even if theyre a little squarey.. but its also minecraft, so what are you gonna do? make them all soft and round?


vaguing aside, this datapack is sort of being worked on. as the time of writing, it was updated on september 1st of the 2021th and then updated sort of recently on october 15th of the 2022th. hoping there'd be some updates soon, although there HAS been a few updates! its currently on the fourth version..

the creator also plans to add more (like custom biomes and such), but i think my biggest hope is that it'd be ported to a mod someday (so that more people are able to play it, possibly) but we'd see! they only have the first games rarepons afterall.

another special thing is that i can actually play this datapack!!! YIPPEEE!!

even if this was from an older version, at least i got this clip of me killing meden. its beautiful. the most funny part is that i have a makoton skin here. only rage and misery in this world.

back onto the datapack more (in serious terms), in the version i had used before the spawn rates for patapons were.. sort of nonexistant? apparently that has been fixed in the newer version (with the spawn rates being doubled), but as of the "system update", they ARE more frequent.. but maybe rare sometimes.

the mater tree is also in this! you have to supposedly get it from meden though. and where IS meden, you ask?


considering how she gets trapped in a cage two times, yeah, she WOULD end up trapped in the nether at some point. its also sort of impossible for me to find her, even in the system update- but maybe im not looking well enough.

you can also make your patapons that youve tamed attack and kill meden. thats a little.. uhm........ guys isnt that your grandma...

and yes, if you had like somewhere over 90 patapons, they might be able to beat the warden. juuust maybe. mudskippers from another mod could do that, too.

obviously, if you want to check out the datapack for yourself, i highly recommend it. its fun even if it only includes a few things right now.

and even after a bunch of hours of playing, this was actually quite fun! trying to find patapons is a bit of a bore however, but maybe theres a bit more of a "collection" aspect to me. some patapons i could never find in the wild, though.. gekoroths feel the easiest to find, since they "spawn where tropical fish spawn", which means anywhere in the water. i remember i made one world that happened to spawn near warm water and they would not stop SPAWNING. and ive only really found one pyopyo and plenty of normal patapons here and there.

said again, il still recommend this though. if you want patapons killing random mobs then do it, it can be fun at points! and you know what else could be fun?

clawthorn3 patapon weapons(?) mod

being the most recent one, being made a year ago on june 28th of the 2022th, its one i actually found myself too when i searched up "patapon mc mods".. and its quite a good one! despite the.. well..

like yeah, i guess thats a little too powerful..


this isnt much of a con however, as these weapons are from the patreon version (which i got and paid for), so that probably explains how powerful they are. theyre only made with ulitmate materials, which i think are.. unobtainable? i think? the wither also drops strong weapons in the patreon version after dying. and hell, theres stronger weapons in other mc mods out there than these.

its cool to have if you have a patapon skin, though.

okay, outside of the patreon version there ARE obviously some weapons that have more attack than the base swords or something. but thats bond for a weapon mod, i suppose.

compared to the others ive just shown, this doesnt seem like.. a lot, but theyre still tough and probably worth it if you dont feel like getting a netherite sword. (although some of these require one or two netherites, sorry)

one very important thing to obtaining these weapons however is the item drops. yes, some items in the games are in here and you can use them to craft weapons! although some of them dont require any additional block, the arms and thor do. theres probably more you have to get things for yourself in.

speaking more on the new items to craft, you can only get them as drops from hostile enemies.. well, it pretty much lists them all off here.

the only ones that dont drop anything related to this mod is all of the end mobs basically (a little strange how endermen dont drop anything, but id rather leave them alone than cause harm) alongside the piglins, magma cubes.. basically everyone else. theres a chance that maybe more mobs will drop those items, however i think.. not really. just a guess.

if youve noticed though, this mod only has taterazays weapons and those from patapon 3. im unsure if the creator will go ahead and add the rest, BUT they have been very much planning to add spear and bow class weapons. and im excited for it!!

thats all i could really say, except for these masks.. will they ever be added in? i dont know if thats to make art to display the mod, but i hope theyd be added.. someday... like a lot of things..

finally, heres the link to this mod. its one of the only few patapon stuff out there, and i personally want to see it grow.. the weapons are fun to mess with at times, too! and its at 543 downloads at the time of writing. 543. can we get this to be downloaded more pleaaase? pleaaaaaaase? pleaaaa

and thats it.. right?


okay, there just isnt that many, and i was gonna add more.. but maybe that was for a later date. as someone whos been playing a bunch of minecraft mods over and over again, i wanted to shortly talk about the patapon minecraft related things that existed.

but uh, if you wanted something from this, then heres a few patapon mc skins i made. i dont think theyre the best (especially ravenous) but if you like any of these characters, here.

makotons one of them and i think its easy to guess who he is here (ravenous's skin is inspired by RiriCSPH and makoton is inspired by beebfreeb.. of their artwork. check them out!

..and thats it. sorry if there wasnt something i checked, but uh, stay safe!